Afghan ISP Perpars to Enhanse Market Offering with Vizada Networks

Access to the Internet is a critical component in any organization's productivity and efficiency. We understand that unless your Internet service can also support all of your organizations business critical applications, it's only doing half the job. That's why we work to provide the networking power you need to support all your user applications, and meet any communications challenge via satellite.
NETZOE LTD provides a wide variety of dedicated bandwidth solutions, from 128 / 64 Kbps to 100 Mbps download /20 Mbps upload dedicated and shared services – from the highest in the industry - to the smallest package you require. And, since our networks are available in a variety of service levels and configurations, you can get exactly the bandwidth you need in the most cost effective manner.

NETZONE LTD recognizes the value for provision of world-class telecommunications infrastructure and as the information is the key to rapid economic and social development of the country. It is critical not only for the development of the Information Technology industry, but also has widespread ramifications on the entire economy of the country.
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As the popularity of the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable access to internet is a necessity of every body’s life. NETZONE LTD’S entered in to the market to provide communities, organizations and government entities, the ability to access the Internet, and share their up-to-date knowledge and experiences in the society. NETZONE LTD Offers unique, upscale, educational and innovative environment to people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy the constructive service NETZONE LTD provides.
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